And speaking of caterpillars and frogs

I thought I’d write a quick, separate post on what we’re learning around here this lovely end of September/beginning of October.  We’ve been moving along with our collages, and paintings.  J especially has just been floored by the whole idea that she can work on a layer of her art, leave it alone, and add to it later. Image

(notice that she wrote the word “cow” instead of drawing grass?  mama was *thrilled* about that decision)

I think we’re going to have to try more of this multi-step stuff.

Also, since it’s caterpillar season around here, we’ve been doing caterpillar study, with National Geographic Readers and our garden Swallowtails.  We brought one inside (we’ve been feeding it leaves from the Meyer lemon we removed it from).  So far so good, but we left the majority outside just in case this one meets an untimely end. Hopefully our diligent garden wasps don’t get to them all first (in which case, we’ll have to switch our lesson to the food web).


j has been working intensely with standard sized legos, which is kind of amazing to me.  I switched J to them in an effort to build some of her quant/spatial skills, and he has sort of taken them over.


Here we are taking turns filling in spaces to build a cube.  He caught right on, which, for a 23 month old isn’t bad.  We made it 5 levels before he got bored and started using it as a mini-fig command base.  🙂


Ok, not such a quick post, but other than that, it’s practicing letters (worksheets – I know, I know), numbers, adding and counting (oddly J is getting addition although she has trouble saying her numbers in order), letters, and starting to sound out words.  Slow and steady. Slow and steady.

Also, I defend my dissertation in 2 weeks! *GAH*


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