Things accomplished

Things accomplished

I’ve been away from blogging for a while. But, in exchange, I have news! My dissertation is finished, and I’m Dr. now. And things didn’t fall apart while I focused on me. The Js have put on an inch and a half each, j is growing more rough and tumble (and more genius) every day, and J is now walking upstairs on her own (alternating feet) – a milestone we’ve worked on for the good part of a year now. Now for the job search, publishing my dissertation research, and moving into the next stage of life. We’re looking forward to the possibility of starting new in a new place. I look forward to getting back into balance, and spending more time with my family while I look for a job. Still not *all* the time (I am an academic, after all), but certainly not leaving before the kids wake up in the morning and sneaking back in guiltily long after bedtime. It is true what they say, you can handle anything, for a season. Love and blessings.



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